Five Star Seller Services… defined.

Highest price, Least amount of hassle,
Shortest amount of time,  that’s pretty much it, right?

For most people selling a home today, that sums it  up. But how do we as agents achieve that? That is what separates the Sackin Team from the rest. We communicate every thing we will do, and stay in touch while we are doing it.


Perception of a promised future outcome, and NOT solid facts and experience is how many sellers choose their agents.  We don’t think that makes much sense. That is why we are 100% transparent and offer you a complete and customized Plan of Action BEFORE you hire us. We fill in the details and show you in detail exactly how we execute on the items listed above.

You will see  how our program has delivered results for over 75 clients in 2012 alone, created raving fans, repeat customers, and entire loyal families through over 1,300 closed sales since 1990.

Let’s talk about the business of getting your home sold for more money today!

 You don’t owe us or any other Realtor anything, but you owe yourself the very best!