Expose My Home Now!

Why  watch?

It is simple: Exposure creates Demand, and Demand creates Price. . And when you hire the Sackin Team, it is the highest price! Plus when we use this exposure to create the right perception up front for potential buyers, we’ve crafted a reality that gets you what you want: more money in less time! Watch these two short videos, and see what I mean.



We are different and better!

It’s old news in the Spring of 2013, that inventories are low, there’s at least one buyer for every home, etc. etc. Getting the buyer for your home isn’t why you hire us. Getting more money than the market says you should is why you do.

At the Sackin Team we out think, out strategize, out negotiate and out deliver the competition to generate multiple offers, i.e. more demand, for your home. Our clients have found we understand that in 2013, the old notion of pricing based on the past is dead; we price into the appreciated future, and get buyers to pay it!

In 2012, 76 customers got the results they wanted. With our approach. As of 3/10/13, over 20 clients have already experienced the Sackin Team difference. Call us today to schedule a complimentary 15-minute strategy session to see if we are right for you!