We Are Raising The Bar..Introducing our Senior Select Service

seniorAre you over the age of 60?
Contemplating selling your home?

If the answer is yes, you probably have a mounting list of questions and concerns.You may have started collecting literature about the options for your next home. You may be thinking: “I have been here so long, it is overwhelming to even THINK about moving.”

Have you ever wished there was one place you could go, to get all the answers, NOW, when you are thinking about moving, not in an emergency, when you HAVE to move?

Well, that place does exist! It is all part of the Sackin Team SENIOR SELECT SERVICE. We have culled our 25 years of dedicated service and the experience from over 1,300 transactions, 40% of those with folks over age 60. All of these transactions have given us the facts and data needed to create our a comprehensive Senior Select Service.

Think of our program as a Five Star Guided Tour that starts with:

“I am thinking it may be time to sell this home,”

And ends with:

“I am settled in my new residence and could not be happier”.

We will tackle EVERY conceivable question, researching resources
and getting answers; that’s part of our Service Promise.


We begin with a brief consultation,
right in the comfort of your home.

•We will go over a short questionnaire that determines your needs and wants.
•Have you chosen the new home, or do we need to talk options, setting a game plan in motion?
•Of course we discuss your home’s value at this time too.
•We review all costs involved with the Real Estate transaction and project your proceeds.
•Then the conversation moves to planning. What do we need to do to prepare your home for the market? What “Bang for the Buck” improvements do we need to consider that will increase your bottom line?
•We discuss furniture and personal property that you may want to sell or donate.
•I set out realistic time expectations time wise line for the entire process.
•You receive the benefits of my trusted service providers.
•I explain how my team and I handle EVERY SINGLE detail right down to changing utilities at the end of the transaction.
•Best of all, the Entire Senior Select Service is put down IN WRITING with a calendar, and my team and I take charge to be sure everything happens in the right sequence.